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How To Feel Empowered As A Caretaker Or Patient

  posted on:  September 4, 2017

It didn’t take me long after becoming Kevin’s caretaker to learn that the best way to feel empowered is to be prepared. Soon after that, I learned that the key to being prepared when it comes to the medical world is having all of the pertinent information regarding your or your loved one’s current and previous medical situations ready at all times. Being able to accurately, quickly, and confidently answer questions on medical history, medications, allergies, and even medical record numbers, can save time, unnecessary treatments, and, well, you get the idea.

One way I stay prepared: By maintaining a document that contains all of K’s medications, doctors (including phone numbers), a summary of his past events, and his current conditions/issues. I used this document when I had to call EMS for K recently. When EMS arrived, they immediately asked about his medical conditions and his meds list. In my panicked state, it was nice to be able to simply hand the doc over and know they had everything they needed. I also used the doc when I was filling out paper work for a new specialist. Instead of listing all of his medications on the survey sheet, I wrote, ‘see attachment’ and added it to the clip board!


Click here to download a blank copy of the document I use.


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