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Two Accessories To Keep Your Purse/Bag Organized

  posted on:  October 27, 2016

I’ve always considered myself to be an organized person, only carrying with me the absolute essentials. And by that I mean I carry everything but the kitchen sink…but neatly.  Since K has been sick, the contents of my purse have increased. In addition to everything I’ve been carrying with me my entire adult life, you can now also find in my purse:

  • Our power of attorney/HCP documents
  • Kevin’s passport/ID
  • Receipts from hospital parking and other medical-related expenses worthy of keeping for reimbursement or tax purposes
  • Etc.


Here’s how I got things under control:




A relatively inexpensive ($10!) travel wallet. In this wallet, I keep Kevin’s passport, our power of attorney/health care proxy documents, Kevins’s insurance and allergy cards, and all receipts related to his care (copays, parking, etc.).


A filofax. I got my filofax for Christmas a few years ago but, shamefully, never used it. I pulled it out a few month into K’s illness and I am still using it to this day. This houses a calendar full of medical appointments and key event dates, notes from every appointment, business cards for all of K’s physicians, and…everything else I need to manage our life and K’s health!


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